Friday, May 4, 2012

Joey Yung says Lady Gaga's "Love HK for Counterfeit Goods" gives HK a bad image

Yesterday Joey Yung attended the OSIM event Joey Yung and The Most Beautiful Mothers Gathering. Joey awarded 'The Most Beautiful Mother Certificate' to 20 mothers. As Mother's Day is around the corner, Joey has not had time to pick out a gift for her mother, but plans to renovate her entire home.

Lady Gaga expressed on Twitter that she loves Hong Kong because she can exercise while shopping for counterfeit handbags all on one street. This resulted in a visit from the Customs for interrogation. Joey feels Gaga's comment negatively affects Hong Kong's image. She said Gaga is a celebrity and a public figure with so many fans, every word she says is very influential. Joey thinks Gaga didn't carefully think of the reaction before saying something like that. Lady Gaga disclosed at her concert that the 'Customs interrogation' comment was just a joke in response to the Twitter comments. In regards to this, Joey expressed: "She said it was a joke, then it's a joke! She still shouldn't make irresponsible remarks. If she has so much money to buy 'A Products' (counterfeit products), then I believe she's just too playful!" Although lately Joey has been busy recording in HK, she attended Lady Gaga's concert in Australia earlier, but this time she does not have plans to support her concert again. Will she give Lady Gaga's style a try? Joey frankly expressed Gaga's bold image is not her cup of tea: "The beauty I pursue is not boldness. I really do admire her music, but may not necessarily follow her style."


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