Friday, May 4, 2012

Catherine Hung's son resembles his biological father Max Mok

Recently, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung revealed a photo of her with her son, leading netizens to comment that he looked like a "little Max Mok".

Catherine and Max got together after meeting on the set of The Immortal Fugitive in 1997 before breaking up in 1999 due to personality differences. The actress reportedly discovered she was pregnant one month after she split with Max. Max, on the other hand, denied that he is the father of the unborn baby.

Only after the actor's arrest for alleged drugs abuse in 2011 did he finally admit that he is the father of Catherine's child. The 51-year-old expressed that he "did something wrong in the past although there are no ways to right the wrongs of the past" and if given a chance in the future, he "will be a good father."

Max is now happily married to a 23-year-old while Catherine's husband is 10 years her junior. Her son, whose birth father is Max, had since changed his name to Zhang Hao Feng to take on his step-father's surname.

Earlier this week, Catherine shared a photo of Hao Feng on her microblog and keen-eyed netizens spotted the child's resemblance to his biological father Max, commenting that "he [Hao Feng] is just like a little Max Mok."


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