Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kevin Cheng ex-girlfriend Linda Wong's father Jimmy Wang: "He's a good for nothing man"

Kevin Cheng and Linda Wong (former actress/singer) past relationship has recently been brought up once again and become a hot topic due to the new film Love in a Puff 春嬌與志明. This led to Linda's father, Jimmy Wang (actor/producer), mentioning again the reason why he opposed to her daughter dating Kevin in the past. He expressed once he saw Kevin, he knew he was a good for nothing man. Regarding to this comment, Kevin's fans were very upset and scolded Jimmy on Weibo. The innocent Linda had to publicly apologize on behalf of her father. Kevin also urged fans to stop attacking Jimmy and openingly expressed he understands Jimmy was just concern of his daughter's future. Each individual has different standards on future prospects. He believes in his mother's heart: "I am not a good for nothing man."

The other day, once Jimmy's comment came out about Kevin being good for nothing, Linda's Weibo was loaded with many scolding comments. She felt so helpless and expressed she cannot control what her father says, but she can make an apology. She said: "All along, the Mr. Cheng (Kevin) I know has been an accomplished and outstanding artist. My father's comments, as his daughter, I can only express my deepest apologies."

Once Kevin learned of Jimmy's views, he told fans not to attack Jimmy. Currently in Mainland shooting for a new series, he responded to the issue over the phone: "I truly understand Jimmy's views. Which father isn't concern of his children's future. If I had a daughter, I would be just as concern. Each individual has their own standards, these are just some of my memories, that I will cherish. These memories will follow me until death. After all, when speaking of future prospects, each individual has different standards. I don't know if I'm considered accomplished, but in my mother's heart, I am not a good for nothing man."

Kevin knows the past relationship was brought up again because of the film Love in a Puff. He hasn't seen it yet, but congratulates Miriam Yeung and director Pang Ho Cheung for their good performance and winning positive response. He is personally a good friend of Linda's and has always kept in touch. He hopes the issue can end soon.

Yesterday Director Pang expressed his apologies on Weibo. He is sorry that the film caused disturbance. "Regarding the dialog that relates to Ms. Linda Wong's relationship in Love in a Puff, it is written based off of how I have been a fan of Linda for so many years. The dialog is just true records of events and conveys my own personal relationship in the past. It was not intended to 'consume' Mr. Kevin Cheng. As the dialog has led to disputes all around, I sincerely apologize to Mr. Kevin Cheng, Ms. Linda Wong and Mr. Jimmy Wang."


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