Monday, April 23, 2012

Eason Chan hopes for a Dragon son

In the midst of his busy concert preparations, Hong Kong singer Eason Chan is determined to try for a Dragon baby this year.

The 37-year-old singer, who will be performing at the O2 arena in London on the 23rd, was said to have flown his wife to London a few days before the concert so that they could spend time together and hopefully procreate a Dragon baby son.

Married for six years, the couple has a daughter, Constance Chan, and they recently revealed their wish to have a son soon. Seeing that Constance is turning eight this year, the busy couple has been finding time in their busy schedules to work on their baby-making plans. Unfortunately, previous attempt to try for a baby during their Paris trip in March, to celebrate his wife's birthday, was unsuccessful.

When asked if the couple is still trying hard, Eason laughed, "I don't know if we can make it in time for a Dragon baby, but I hope everyone (the media) will give us time and space. I will work hard at my London concert as well as to procreate. If we're to have a Snake baby, I'll have to earn at least SGD$4.8 million."


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